Lasagna online class

lasagna online class

Lasagna online class necessary requirement,

having done the class with Bolognese sauce before

We’ll explore the flavors of Bolognese cuisine during this online and interactive cooking class,.

We will make pasta from scratch and go to know the secrets of Bolognese cuisine through one the most famous Bolognese dish in the world: the BOLOGNESE LASAGNA,

I will teach you how to cook this delicious sauce appreciated by everyone, from children to the elderly, we will cook the LASAGNA with the most famous sauce in Bologna: the BOLOGNESE MEAT SAUCE
I will teach you how to prepare them from scratch, using a rolling pin or pasta maker
Once you book the experience you will receive a message or a email with the recepie and the list of tools you need.
For PRIVATE GROUP , TEAM BUILDING and bigger size of the group or availability just contact me.

Lasagna online class

Class duration:

2:00 h


11AM (Rome time), 4PM (Rome time), 9PM (Rome time)


25€ each participant



Max. number of people


Tool list:

A big wooden board, a pasta maker machine or a rolling pin, a good knife, fork, spatula, kitchen scale, oven tray with high edges, a pot for cooking the pasta, two pots for cooking the béchamel, a kitchen whisk


I will send you the recipes and tools list, with the ingredients to buy when you booking the class

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for more info and booking contact me