Cooking Classes on the Farm


In summer, from June 10th to middle September

when the city is too hot, I will  make the classes in  a  country house in the beautiful hills southern Bologna where there is a lot of greenery, woods, streams, etc. (much cooler than in the city),

The class starts at 10:00 am in the morning and ends in the  afternoon (around 3.00/4.00pm)

We’ll make the class and eating all together(outdoor in the garden if there is nice weather) and the you can rest in the farm and enjoy the afternoon,.


What will I do?

You’ll be the protagonist of the lesson. I’ll enable you to do all (or most) of the preparation and cooking and, where necessary, I’ll show you some cooking techniques and secrets. We’ll cook traditional Italian dishes. The lessons are ideal for food fans, and are suitable both for beginners and for expert cooks and professionals of the food sector.

we will use vegetables from our garden, we will use cheese from the cheese factory nearby and the fresh eggs directly from the farm.


Lessons are held only in summer from early June to middle September,


How many people are in a class?

These customized courses are for from 2 up 8 participants, Children are welcome!

How to arrive there

Take it like a day trip, you can arrive with the train (20 min.) from Bologna central station  or bus (35 min.) from Bologna center  and then I come to pick up you to the train  station or bus stop, or by car 20 minutes from Bologna ,around 4:00 pm you will be taken to the train station (5 minutes from the farm) or bus stop and you will return to Bologna

How long does it last?

Take this day as a food tour trip each class lasts from 6 to 7 hours, what with the time to drive, and then making and eating a three-course meal. This will be, I hope, a memorable culinary experience! Usually the class ends around 3 or 4 pm.


How will the day go?

we will prepare a 3-course traditional or contemporary Italian meal. For this, I prepare the menu a day or two before your lesson, taking into account your preferences and any food allergies or intolerances, and making sure it’s a well-balanced, delicious meal that you can put together within the time available. The mean may be composed of dishes of Bologna or Emilia-Romagna – and if desired, preparing handmade egg pasta — or one from another region like Lombardy, Tuscany, Sicily, etc.; otherwise it can be a contemporary style Italian meal, whichever you prefer, but always made using the seasonal local produce.

You can choose from among these course combinations:

Appetizer / First course / Dessert

First course / Second course / Dessert

Appetizer / First course / Second course

Appetizer / Second course / Dessert



What’s included?

The price of the lesson includes a snack with a an aperitif (usually a glass of white wine), to be enjoyed during the preparation of the dishes, and a bottle of good wine for every two guests to be drunk during the meal, which I will select for the proper combination with the dishes you prepare, water,coffee and tea . Also included is the cost of the ingredients, with the exception of fish, shellfish, porcini mushrooms, and truffles.


How can I book a place?

To book a date it is necessary to send an e-mail.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail for confirmation of the course availability, current prices, booking, or further information.