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Primo – Piano…Please…!

Sharing our big love for the iconic Big Night movie, I suprised my brother (aka “Primo” from now on) to a foodie weekend in Bologna. The main goal and absolute highlight of our stay was to learn how to make Timpano (Timballo). Of the many food memories I have shared with “Primo” over the years, Luigi has exceeded my expectations.
After showing us the inside outs of Bologna, its history and funny secrets we did some shopping at the most incredible places. More importantly he taught us the real deal for the concept of Slow Cooking. No pasta bolo will ever be the same.
With just one recipe he taught us how to choose the best ingredients for and how to make the perfect Ragú, meatballs, garganelli pasta, peas with pancetta, all coming together in the perfect Timpano (Timballo) Napolitano. Thank you Luigi for this incredible experience and fond memory we will pass it on to our families. Signed, “Secundo”


The best experience in Bologna

We absolutely loved this experience; without question it was the highlight of our time in Bologna. Luigi is an incredible host and teacher. The food we learned to make (Bolognese sauce, tortelloni with butter + sage, beef strips with arugula, Parmiggano and balsamic vinegar, and tiramisu) was delicous, and we had a fantastic time making it. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is interested in Italian food, or just wants something fun to do for a few hours in Bologna.


Here i really learned to cook pasta

Luigi is a real Master of Pasta! How he teached me to prepare the pasta was absolutely wonderful. He showed me to cook traditional pasta, but also how to do it in a vegan way. He could answer all my question and the atmosphere was very inspiring. It was not my last course with Luigi. Thank you so much!!!


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