Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna where you can find the true soul of the city

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna

There are many restaurants where to go in Bologna, but if a tourist wants to experience the true Italian atmosphere, where the main language spoken is Italian, it must exit from the touristic circuit recommended by the gastronomic guides or blogs that always propose the same Restaurants .

Today I want to drive you in some of the most evocative locals where you eat well Bolognese cuisine and where the main customer is Italian.

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna


In Via Santa Caterina there are two of the most beloved places by the Bolognese people, the “Osteria Bottega” (medium-high prices) and the “Osteria Santa Caterina” (medium-low prices). Here you will always find a friendly welcome and an excellent wine list. To order the antipasti of mixed cold cuts.

Osteria Santa Caterina

Via Santa Caterina 43

+39 051 582264

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna


Located in the busy Via del Pratello, Fantoni perfectly matches the definition of “unpretentious”. One goes there to feed and spend a little, coming out on average satisfied and, in summer and spring, with the privilege of having lunch and dinner in the dehors under the arcades. The reservation is strongly recommended. Order tagliatelle with Bolognese meat sauce

Trattoria Fantoni

Via Fantoni 9

Telefono +39  051 236358

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna


In the Seventies and Eighties Vito was the epicenter of the Bolognese music scene: from here passed every week – as evidenced by the photographs on the walls – the most famous Bolognese singers: Guccini, Lucio Dalla, Ron or Red Ronnie. The menu includes classic Bolognese dishes and a few non-bolognese dishes but much appreciated, like spaghetti alla carbonara, at unbeatably competitive prices. The wine is drunk from a two-liter bottle. Warning: the waiters will mistreat you, it’s part of their role.

Trattoria Da Vito

Via Mario Musolesi 9

Telefono +39  051 349809

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna


Do not label it as a “university place”: the Osteria del Montesino will also be located in Via del Pratello, epicenter of Bologna nightlife, but the Sardinian tradition menu always gives great satisfaction, especially when served with hot potato bread and wine Sardinian Cannonau of the house. Beautiful placemats on which every month are printed poems and always different quotes – and always bright.

Osteria del Montesino

Via del Pratello 74/B

+39 051 523426

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna


perhaps the most Tourist among those proposed so far, The osteria bolognese “for university students” by definition. On Saturday night you will find yourself in an exasperatedly chaotic atmosphere of enthusiastic Erasmus, paper napkins stained with red wine and graduation parties, but you can always eat well – provided you do not have any gourmet demands, prices are also affordable for who is graduating at the triennial of philosophy.

Osteria dell’Orsa

Via Mentana 1

+39 051 231576


There are two reasons why the Osteria Broccaindoss

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna

o is famous, the antipasti and the mixed desserts just a few euros. Ignore first and second courses and focus on the two extremes of the meal: you will be brought on the table a cornucopia of food that will not run out until you are to beg, faintly enough. The local version of the “all you can eat”, from the bowl with mascarpone to scuttle to the profiteroles to drown in the melted chocolate.

Osteria Broccaindosso

Via Broccaindosso 7/A

Telefono  +39 051 234153

Trattorias and Osterias in Bologna

Well, I think it will be enough if you want to get out of the tourist culinary circuit, these are some of the places you absolutely must visit and eat, it is always worth taking a few more steps. The only inconvenience may be that in August, typically a month of holidays for Italians, many of these Trattorias and Osterias  can be closed.

next week I’ll talk about the Osterie where you can go to drink.

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