Solo pasta Class

Solo Pasta Class

Ciao, I want to propose a new class format called “Solo Pasta Class”, it is a faster and casual class size, with a lighter price than the other two classes,

Available from Monday to Friday it starts at 10.00 am and ends at 1,00 pm , we will make three different types of pasta with three sauces, and we will eat them at the end accompanied by an excellent wine.

Faster and casual


Solo Pasta class

An unimaginable success

Up to now all the students who have done a class in Bologna with Bologna Cooking Class, have returned home with a wonderful memory, leaving their impressions in the reviews of the Tripadvisor website.

here some reviews on Tripadvisor

I am sure you will like it and I wait for you in one of my classes,

Visit this page if you are interested in a one-day class,

the  Short class,

For further information feel free to contact me through the email at : [email protected]